Reduce Your Energy onsumption by 6 to 25% with KVAR


You’re using more electricity in your home today than ever before. Lower your monthly electric bill by up to 25%, guaranteed.

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You're using more electricity in your business today than ever before.
Lower your monthly electric bill by up to 25%, guaranteed.

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Save Money And Reduce Your Bills with Frigitek EC Motors & Controllers

Reduce The kWh Consumption On Your Evaporator Coils Up To 50% and Receive up to 50% Incentive from Your Utility Company

FrigitekTM Electronically Commutated (EC) Motors and Controllers are intended for the commercial and industrial sectors where walk-in coolers, refrigerators and freezers are used. Our energy efficiency approach consists of changing out conventional motors in evaporator fans used in refrigeration systems, and replacing them with brushless DC motors and FrigitekTM Controllers, resulting in dramatic efficiency improvements.

FrigitekTM ECM I and ECM III Motor Controllers: The addition of either of these controllers to an evaporator will increase energy savings by about 50% over what EC motors alone will provide. FrigitekTM motor controllers function by sensing the operational status of the cooling system, and controlling the speed of the evaporator fans. By operating the fans at a low speed when no cooling is called for, the fans circulate about 40% as much air as normal but will use only 10% as much energy, without impacting cooling requirements.

Our Commercial Portfolio

  1. Delo Taco
    Delo Taco

    Del Taco offers a full range of made-to-order Mexican items such as tacos, burritos, quesadillas and so much more.

  2. Niños Latinos Unidos
    Niños Latinos Unidos

    Niños Latinos Unidos (NLU) is the first of its kind foster care agency to cater predominantly to the Latino community.

  3. Five Guys Burgers and Fries
    Five Guys Burgers and Fries

    The Five Guys menu consists of burgers, fries, hotdogs, grilled cheese and a veggie sandwich.

  4. Quizno's

    Quiznos Sub Shop offers a variety of sub sandwiches, catering, and food delivery options.

  5. Field Fresh Foods
    Field Fresh Foods

    Providing locally fresh-cut produce while meeting the highest standards and quality

  6. US Food Service
    US Food Service

    One of the United States largest Broadline foodservice distributor of national, private label, and signature brand items.

  7. Friar Tux Shop
    Friar Tux Shop

    Low prices, a local service center, and Friar Tux Shop will match any dress color.

  8. Indian Ridge Country Club
    Indian Ridge Country Club

    A private community & equity membership country club in Palm Desert, CA.

  9. JT Schmid’s Restaurant
    JT Schmid’s Restaurant

    They take great pride in offering a delicious selection of handcrafted microbrews, steaks, pasta, pizza and salads.

  10. Doubletree Hotel
    Doubletree Hotel

    A private community & equity membership club in Palm Desert, CA.

  11. Zito's Pizza
    Zito's Pizza

    At Zito's Pizza, they strive to bring our customers the full taste experience with every bite.

  12. Pinz Bowling Center
    Pinz Bowling Center

    With it's state-of-the-art, but pretentious free attitude, PINZ has heated things up.

  13. Jerry's Restaurant & Deli
    Jerry's Restaurant & Deli

    A unique mix of food, excellent service and an outstanding catering menu make Jerry's good in our house or yours.

  14. JT Schmid’s Restaurant

    ATVs, Motorcycles, Utility Vehicles, Watercraft are just some of the unique consumer products Kawasaki brands.

  15. View All Commercial Portfolio Companies

    We are proud to announce all our commercial companies that we helped serve KVAR to. Please take a look at more.